We met with our doctor and walked through the results of the past three scans: 2 CT Scans and 1 PET scan. The PET scan showed no sugar uptake.
The overall result is that I am in COMPLETE REMISSION! This is great news.
Blood tests came back saying my hemoglobin levels are getting pretty low; meaning, I am anemic. I will have another blood test next week. If my hemoglobin levels continue to decrease they may need to give me a red blood cell transfusion. This is all fairly normal for someone who has gone through six rounds of R-CHOP chemotherapy. (Another great reason to give blood).
I still have a few enlarged lymph nodes, but they tested negative for Lymphoma. There is one consolidation (a little accumulation of something) in my left lung, but according to our doctor, it looks like it is probably mucus. I will have another CT scan in two months to keep in eye on the lymph nodes and consolidation.
Over the next six months plus, I will also have to go in every couple weeks to flush out my port, continue with blood testing, doctors appointments, etc. Over the next two years there will be a gradual deceleration of doctor’s appointments, blood tests, CT Scans & PET scans. According to some studies, the 5-year survival rate for the kind of Lymphoma that I have is about 50%. Also according to some studies, there is about a 25% chance that this cancer will recur within six months. But thought cognizant of these facts, they do not worry us.
For today, things are moving in a great direction.
I had the privilege of spending some time with she and her husband recently. She is bravely fighting steep cancer odds. She made the comment that cancer can take many things: hair, body, energy, health, etc. But she will not let cancer take her joy. Her eyes are focused firmly on Christ and the victory that is found in Him. Even if this fight ends in death, that death is only temporary. Christ conquered death at the resurrection. We too will be resurrected. We will walk with Christ forever. That day will be the best day, a day full of joy. So even in the midst of cancer today, she said “cancer will not take my joy.”
Joyously in Christ,
– Rob & Martine, Caleb & Constance

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