CT Scan Results are in…


Anxiety can creep in while I’m waiting for test results. “What if…” replays in my mind. I have been tested for so many things through the cancer process. The HIV test kind of plays with you emotionally. As I waited for those results, the dozens of times I’ve been bloodied playing sports came to mind, the words “what if…”flying through my mind (the test confirmed I’m HIV negative).

No more “what ifs” for today. Test results are in… and they are good:

  1. The nodule we’ve been monitoring in my lung has decreased in size: from 10mm to 4mm.
  2. The enlarged (now non-cancerous) lymph nodes in my abdomen have remained the same. Good news.
  3. Doc says I’m good to have my port taken out. (It is installed under the skin over my right pectoral, with a tube going up over my collar bone, into my jugular, and down into my heart. They stick a needle in the port in order to pump me with chemicals: “chemo”). Taking it out is not a huge deal. But I’ll have to go under for it.

What is next, health-wise? 

  1. I am not yet back to where I was physically, but getting there. I am eating right, sleeping, and working out 3-4 times a week. Was able to get up a few mountains last weekend. It was slow & arduous, but, one step after another and the “decalibron loop” was defeated. I’m going to write a bit about exercise and spirituality soon.
  2. Have my Port taken out soon. That’ll be a great day.
  3. Another CT Scan in a couple months.


There have been many tears, (and quite a bit of vomit), through this process. To everyone who has been rooting for us, praying for us, weeping with us, walking with us. It is a privilege to be a part of a community and feel the outpouring of love.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Jeanie Scott says:

    Amen and praise God! He is faithful in all things. Been praying for this!
    Bend Oregon


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