I wonder about my own heart. The past year, going through cancer, chemo, and remission, caused me to question how deeply my heart really is rooted in our great God. I wonder how willing I really am to follow God wherever He calls me. Johannes Verkuyl, using the prophet Jonah motif, elucidates the resistance I often feel in my own heart:

“It is also important for catching a glimpse of the deep resistance this mandate encounters from the very servant Yahweh has chosen to discharge his worldwide work.”[1]

And as I question my own heart,

“Jonah is a lesson in educating a person to be a missionary: it reveals the need for a radical conversion of one’s natural tendencies and a complete restructuring of his life to make it serviceable for mission.”[2]

[1] Verkuyl, Johannes. “Perspectives of the World Christian Movement” p. 45
[2] Verkuyl, Johannes.”Perspectives of the World Christian Movement” p. 45

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