Big News from the Karch Family!

In order for us to move to France this summer, things have to move fast. We praise and thank God for the amazing community God has surrounded us with: you! We are together in this.

5 ways to ENGAGE to launch us to France this summer:

  1. Prayer Cover: (98 normal people still needed who will commit to pray)
  2. Contribute to Outgoing Expenses (still about $29,000 needed – for Tickets, Travel, Housing setup, Car, Visas, etc.)
  3. Make a monthly commitment (still about $1,300/month needed – for living expenses in France, work funds, organization funds, etc.)
  4. Rectify tax issues in Canada (we are working with an International Accounting firm on this).
  5. Our house in Quebec:  find a viable solution: either sale or rental

God must intervene for this to happen.

Could this fail? You bet. But we are following wise counsel throughout this process and have the firm conviction that our role is to step out and anticipate God’s working. Of course, we are open to Him redirecting us through this process if He deems fit. And if that happens, we will reevaluate then.

At this moment in our lives, this is what it means to follow Jesus wherever He leads: one step at a time. Ready to say “yes,” no matter what He asks of us.

Hopeful Timeline

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Priscilla Dean says:

    Praise God for His leading in your lives. I surely will be praying as well, will our church. I do wish you could have come to our church but understand your timeline. In Christ’s love, Priscilla


  2. Rob Karch says:

    Thanks Priscilla!


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