A Prayer for a Team going to the Philippines

From New Jersey to the South Pacific, the Philippines, a service team asked me to pray for them via Skype this morning. Here’s the prayer God gave me:

Compassionate Father,
You sent us into the world. You commanded us to make disciples. You promised that you would be with us.
You sent Your Spirit. Your Spirit shows us what sin really is. At its core, sin is rebelling against you as the one true God and King, the one true giver of life. We know that Your Spirit is already working in the Philippines. When this team arrives, there will be people whose hearts you have already prepared to speak to them, both through words and deeds, to receive the good news that you came, lived, died, and rose again that they may know you, and receive the life you offer. I pray that each member of this team would board the plane with the anticipation not just that you will work, but that you have already been working and that they have the privilege of joining in on what you are already doing.
I pray that you would protect each team member, those already in the Philippines, as well as their families and loved ones back in the States while they are gone. Protect them from any crisis that will distract them from the mission you have for them. Also, please allow this team to see any crisis you allow as an opportunity to portray the hope that we have in you to those who do not yet have this hope.
Father, I also pray that this team would bring what they learn about you back to New Jersey. I pray that your Spirit would work powerfully upon their return in the lives of their families, their neighbors, in the body of the church, in the greater Philadelphia region, and that this would mark the beginning of a new chapter both in their lives, as well as in the life of the body of the church.
In the Name of Jesus I pray,

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