For all you survivors out there: “This Year is Gravy”

One of my new friends survived cancer last year, the same time I did. She just sent me this super cool email. It is one of those messages that pushes me toward gratitude, joy, hope, and RISK as I face today:

Hi Rob!!
I am so excited to see what God is going to do with you this year!! Like I said, I see
this as a “gravy year”!😄 I might not even have BEEN here this year if the docs hadn’t found my cancer.  Therefore, whatever happens this year is “gravy” .👍
Actually, every year hereafter will be gravy.. I’ve had some great interactions with friends and family, so far this year.  Even rode a zipline, a big step for a chicken like me.. I figured “Why not?” Take a risk now and then.
Looking forward to seeing how God uses you this year.👍
For all you survivors out their, whatever it was that you survived, today is a day of hope, risk, and joy. Today is “gravy.”
Revel in each moment as the gift it is.

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