THE DREAM: That every québécois, whether man, woman, or child, would come face to face with God’s love for them (the Gospel), within our lifetime.

The task is to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, and literally plant hundreds of churches that are culturally and linguistically indigenous, of every model (large and small), that overflow to the rest of the French-speaking world. And we can’t do this alone.


Here are 10 SIMPLE ways to get involved:

  1. Luke 10:2 Prayer at 10:20am every day for Quebec.
  2. Prayer Cover for the Karch family. God answers prayer!
  3. Prayer Walk tour: Intentionally Prayer walk local québécois communities
  4. Prayer Leader: Help organize and lead prayer walks across the Province.
  5. Vision Tour: Organize a vision tour with key people here. Contact me to find out out how.
  6. Come on a Short-term Team:  teams from the States do work projects throughout the community in the Name of Christ.
  7. Movement Jeunesse (1-10 weeks in the summer, an amazing program for young people).
  8. The Fleur-de-Lys French Immersion Program: Learn French while serving in a local church, then go share the Gospel in a French-speaking country!
  9. Come study at SEMBEQ seminary!
  10. Commit financially to this mission.