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I used to play peek-a-boo my children. We’d cover our eyes with our hands and then surprise each other. It was as if the act of covering their eyes made me disappear then re-appear. As if, since they could not detect me, I no longer existed.

Many of us make this same assumption, subconsciously, about the existence of a spirit world. We assume that if we are not able to detect something with our five senses, then that means that it does not exist. We know scientifically that this is absurd. There are all kinds of things that exist that we cannot detect with our five senses. You have heard of the concept of dark matter? How about these particles called “nutrinos“?

Let’s be honest, isn’t it kind of crazy when we realize that at this very moment billions of particles are passing right through us, through the earth, and through space, at the speed of light, completely without our knowledge, and basically undetected? Now imagine this: these particles were not even imagined a century ago, much less detected. In the decades and centuries to come, what other kinds of particles and realities will humans discover, things that affect everything around us, but that we had no idea existed?

All around us, in us, through us, convulses realities that are completely unknown to us. They are, at this moment, completely inaccessible to our five senses. Does that mean that they do not exist? No. This means that they are undetectable, inaccessible. When I think of a spiritual world, I don’t imagine something anti-science. I imagine something that, though it may be all around me, affecting much of my reality, I am simply not able to get at it with my five senses. There may be spiritual beings passing through me and all around me without me having any idea. This isn’t anti-intellectual. This is simply admitting what I don’t know.

In this talk, Dr. Gerry Breshears talks about his personal transformation in how he viewed the possibility of the existence of a spirit world. Then he digs into Scripture and examines the types and limits of satanic stratagems against us:

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